South America, Peru, Cordillera Huayhuash, Nevado Yerupaja Grande

Publication Year: 2002.

Nevado Yerupaja Grande. Equadorian Santiago Quintero climbed the west face of NevadoYerupaja Grande (6634m). The main summit of Yerupaja had gone many years without an ascent until Santiago climbed it solo on July 4. The ascent and descent took him 17 hours. He followed the Northwest Ridge route, which was opened as far as Yerupaja Norte (6430m) by R. Bates and G. Dingle and completed to the main summit by D. Wilkinson and R. Renshaw. Because of the changing morphology of the wall, Quintero followed a route that is completely different from the original route. Although we cannot talk of a new route, we must mention that what Santiago climbed was for the most part unknown terrain, while being practically free of objective dangers. The difficulty is ED.

Juanjo Tome, Peru