Asia, Pakistan, Broad Peak

Publication Year: 1988.

Broad Peak. Aside from the Swiss team led by Bruno Honneger and the Catalans led by Josep Estuch, no other expedition to Broad Peak was successful in 1987. The following expeditions had to abandon their attempts, mostly because of bad weather and excessive snow. From a four-man British group led by Mark Hallam, Richard Foley reached 7300 meters. They were accompanied by Norman Croucher, who has no legs from the knee down and climbs with special crutches. Four Yugoslavs led by Slavko Cankar had little time left to make the climb after their ascent in the Trango Towers. Franc Knez got to 7500 meters. A French group led by Louis Audoubert reached 7200 meters. A Mexican expedition led by Antonio Cortés had permission for the middle peak, but they ascended only to 7000 meters on the common route to both peaks. A Norwegian team of six climbers was led by Ragnhild Amundsen, the widow of Hans Christian Doseth, who was killed in 1984 on the Trango Towers. On July 20, she and other members established Camp III at 6900 meters but could go no higher than 7000 meters. However, that is an altitude record for Norwegian women. In 1983 she nearly climbed Bhrigupanth (6772 meters). A few days later, Haavard Nesheim reached 7300 meters before turning back. Older climbers from France led by Pierre Mazeaud, who is 59, were reported to have reached 7300 meters. The five-man Swiss team led by Bruno Honegger made the only solo ascent of the year. Norbert Joos made a two-day solo climb, reaching the summit on May 29, having depended on no one else for trail breaking, food, gear or anything else. It was his fifth 8000er. On June 7, Honegger and Ernst Müller also reached the summit. The Spanish Catalan expedition led by Josep Estruch is reported on below.

Xavier Eguskitza, Pyrenaica, Bilbao, Spain