South America, Chile, Northern Andes or Puna, Cerro Juriques

Publication Year: 1974.

Cerro Juriques. I ascended Juriques volcano (5710 meters, 18,733 feet) in December 1972, from a camp located at 14,100 feet in the higher Cajón valley, to the south of the peak; it lies on the Chilean-Bolivian border east of San Pedro de Atacama. I reached the top, which is at the northeast end of the crater and well distant from it; no traces of previous ascents were found. During the descent, as I walked along the crater rim, I came upon some semi-buried Indian stone constructions. These were a 15 by 30-foot rectangle with one-foot-wide walls, which barely showed above the ground. Some digging uncovered other small rock constructions and two pieces of wood. The latter were left in the small Atacameñan Indian museum that the Belgian missionary, Father Le Paige, maintains in the town of San Pedro de Atacama.

Manuel BazÁn, Santiago, Chile