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Alpine Paintings

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Alpine Paintings. The Alpine Club (London) recently sold at Christie’s a group of paintings, some of which are of historic interest. Three of these have been secured for the American Alpine Club. All are water- colors.

1. Aosta and the Rutor, by George Barnard. Dated 1862; 16 × 26 inches. George Barnard (1807-90), A.C. See Mumm. i,28. Brother-in-law of Michael Faraday. One of the first Alpine artists to draw mountains with any degree of accuracy, and one of the earliest members of the Club who travelled widely in the Alps. Drawing master at Rugby, 1843- 80; A.A. Reilly (1836-85), A.C., the early cartographer of Mont Blanc, was one of his pupils. Author of Switzerland (1843), with 26 plates of his work (copy in A.A.C. library). Illustrated Mrs. Cole’s Lady’s Tour of Monte Rosa. His drawing of the Rutor is reproduced in Peaks, Passes and Glaciers II,ii,83. The picture was formerly in the possession of William Mathews (1821-1901), an original member of the Alpine Club and its president, 1869-71.

2. Valle de Cadore, by Josiah Gilbert. Undated, but ca. 1864; 10 × 14 inches. Josiah Gilbert (1814-92), A.C. See Mumm ii,170. Studied in the Royal Academy, where he was one of the Prize Students of his year. Practised as a portrait painter in London, 1838-43. In 1864 he and George Cheetham Churchill (1822-1906), A.C., published the Alpine classic The Dolomite Mountains, Excursions through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola and Friuli in 1861, 1862, and 1863, Gilbert contributing the illustrations and most of the narrative of travel. The picture was formerly in the possession of D. W. Freshfield.

3. Blümlisalp, by Colin Bent Philip (1855-1932), A.C. See Mumm iii,236. Studied at Lambeth School of Art (1876) and at Edinburgh as a pupil of David Farquharson, R.S.A. A.R.W.S., 1886; R.W.S., 1898. Exhibited at Royal Academy, 1882-86 and 1898. Vice-President, Fell and Rock Climbers’ Club, 1910-11. Original Member, Scottish Mountaineering Club. This picture was exhibited at Liverpool, 1930. Undated; 18 × 29 inches.

J. Monroe Thorington

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