North America, United States, Washington—Cascade Mountains, Winter Climbs

Publication Year: 1964.

Winter Climbs. Thanks to prolonged spells of cold and unusually dry weather, a number of first winter climbs were possible during January and February. Most noteworthy was the ascent of Mount Index’s north peak by Dan Davis and Pat Callis, an effort that required two days for the ascent and 1½ days for the descent. Steve Marts and Fred Beckey climbed Mount Constance in the Olympics on the coldest day of the winter. A birthday party, complete with cake, candle, and bivouac, was held on the summit of Big Four Mountain for Kenn Carpenter by Ron Miller and Bob Marcy in early February. On another magnificent and chilly day Hank Mather and Fred Beckey attained the north peak of Three Fingers. Mike Borgoff, Fred Beckey, and Tony Hovey cramponed the entire way up Sloan Peak. And in the Mount Baker area the fine west ridge of Twin Sisters’ south and highest peak was climbed by Tony Hovey, Vic Josendal, Duke Watson, and Fred Beckey.