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North America, United States, Wyoming, Wind River Mountains, Lost Temple Spire, North Face, Separation Anxiety

Lost Temple Spire, north face, Separation Anxiety. For years climbers have admired a 220-foot crack that splits the face to the left of the Lost Temple Spire’s north prow. On August 2 Jason Keith and Dave Shewell reached this crack by first climbing two pitches of the North Prow route and traversing left on a big ledge. They traversed another 25-30 feet, then passed a 5.10a roof and climbed a 5.9 fist crack. This brought them to what they named The Pitch of a Hundred Hand Jams—only a few face holds and finger jams in the 220 feet. A 5.9 pitch brought them back to the North Prow. They named the route Separation Anxiety, (IV 5.10).

Joe Kelsey