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South America, Peru-Cordillera Blanca, Abasraju Attempt, Paqtsaraju, San Juan, Shaqsha

Abasraju Attempt, Paqtsaraju, San Juan, Shaqsha. I climbed the south side of Abasraju, thinking I was on a different mountain. Becoming confused in clouds, I did not go to the summit. Teamed up with Austrian Gerhard Feichtenschlager, I did the whole southwest ridge of Paqtsaraju (5741 meters, 18,835 feet), including two lesser summits on the way. On August 4, Duncan Thomas and I climbed San Juan (5843 meters, 19,170 feet) by a new route, the east arĂȘte. I finally soloed on August 14 a possibly new route on the west-northwest ridge of Shaqsha (5703 meters, 18,711 feet).

David Sharman, Scotland