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Asia, Nepal, Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam. A French commercial expedition climbed Ama Dablam by the normal southwest ridge. The summit was reached on December 4 by leader Marc Batard, Roger Laot, Jacques Buret, Michel Coutty, Daniel Filliol, Jean Fran├žois Louys and Sherpas Kami Tenji, Phu Dorje and Ang Phurbi; on December 6 by Mme Reine Mouhat, Yves LeBissonnais, Claude Lebahy, Spaniard Antonio Rispoli and American Allan Hirsh (LeBissonnais has only one leg); on December 8 by Laot again and Sherpas Zimba Zangbu and Dawa Norbu. All were French except for those noted. Koreans also made a winter ascent by the same route. On December 17, leader Kim Young-Ju and Cha Dong-Han climbed to the summit, followed on the 17th by Bong Sun-Ki.

Elizabeth Hawley