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North America, United States, California, Mount Whitney Area

Mount Whitney Area. The cirque south of where Pinnacle Ridge hits the main crest contains many fine possibilities and has generally been overlooked by climbers. The following four routes were climbed by Scott Ayers and me over the last few years. Aiguille du Paquoir is a squat tower immediately south of Aiguille Extra. Our route ascends comers for 11 pitches to the summit. (IV, 5.9.) Aiguille Jr. is the next tower south, taller than Aiguille du Paquoir. We started up the right buttress and climbed eight pitches to the top of the buttress before traversing to the left edge of the tower. (10 pitches. IV, 5.10.) S’brutal Tower is the next tower south. Our route climbs the prow for eight pitches, staying left of the prow for the first three. (III, 5.9.) So Many Aiguilles, So Little Time is on the south face of Pinnacle Ridge and climbs cracks in the center of the whitish face for six pitches. (III, 5.10+ .)

Mike Strassman