Karachim and Karajilga Ranges: Piks 5,439m, 5,312m, and 5,411m

Tajikistan, Pamir
Author: Oleg Silin. Climb Year: 2019. Publication Year: 2020.

South of Kyzyl Art Pass and immediately west of the great Karakul Lake lie the Zulumart subranges of Karachim and Karajilga. This is a fine area for traveling, with many wild animals and no people. In August the small team of Vilnis Barons, Ronalds Feldmanis, Andrey Sichov, and I climbed three peaks in these ranges.

On the 8th we summited Pik 5,439m at 39.031304°N, 73.197852°E (from the west); on the 10th Pik 5,312m at 39.059247°N, 73.073001°E (from the east); and on the 12th Pik 5,411m at 38.970187°N, 73.200137°E (from the northwest). We approached around the southern shores of Lake Karakul and into the valley between the Karajilga to the west and the Karachim to the east. Our first and third peaks lie in the Karachim, while our second peak lies in the Karajilga. There is no evidence of these having been climbed before. Visiting Karakul Lake is like visiting another planet, but the local Kyrgyz are very friendly.

– Oleg Silin, Latvia

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