Mt. Parofes and Other Volcano Ascents

Argentina-Chile, Northern Andes
Author: Marcelo Scanu. Climb Year: 2015. Publication Year: 2017.

Mt. Parofes is a 5,845m volcano that rises between Pissis and Bonete in Argentina’s La Rioja Province. It was said to be the highest unclimbed American summit, until Máximo Kausch (Argentina), Jovany Blume, and Pedro Hauck (both Brazil) ascended it on November 11. From camp, they climbed the cone by its northeast face in a 22km round trip.

This group also was active in the zone due north of Paso de San Francisco, where they ascended some remote and possibly unclimbed 5,000m volcanoes in October. On the 27th, they ascended the tallest peak in this zone by its west side: Sierra Nevada (6,137m). 

Marcelo Scanu, Argentina