Canada, Alberta, Canmore, Grassi Lakes
Climb Year: 2015. Publication Year: 2016.

Two people were injured on August 1 by rockfall at the crag known as the Golf Course. The two had just arrived at the crag and were gearing up, and had not yet put on their helmets. Shoebox-size rocks came down, striking the two individuals. One was briefly knocked unconscious and had a severe head laceration. The second climber had a large goosebump on her head. The first patient was carried down to a vehicle on the easy access trail and subsequently transported to emer- gency medical services at the trailhead.


This area is known for rockfall hazard from the steep, sloping ground above the cliff, often knocked off by tourist visitors or mountain goats. Nonetheless, these sport climbing crags are very popular. To mitigate the risks, don a helmet before reaching the base of a cliff prone to rockfall, and when possible seek sheltered areas for belaying or hanging out between climbs. (Source: The Editors.)