Chhopa Bamare, Exploration

Nepal, Rolwaling Himal
Author: Rodolphe Popier. Climb Year: 2015. Publication Year: 2016.

One of the new peaks brought onto the permitted list in 2014 by the Nepalese government is Chhopa Bamare (a.k.a. Chobba Bamare or Chomo Pamari, 6,109m). It lies northwest of Lamabagar on the border with Tibet and most likely refers to the highest peak in a small, neglected range immediately east of the Friendship Highway, between Kodari and Nyalam.

A team of young alpinists from the FFME (France), guided by Dimitry Munoz and Antoine Pecher, were most likely the first mountaineers to explore the access valley running southeast from the peak. Their approach in October was difficult due to the road to Lamabagar being totally destroyed by the spring earthquake. After establishing base camp at 4,100m, the team found the mountains to be very dry, with frequent rockfall. The climbers tried to find an approach to Jobo Bamare (ca 5,700m), on the east side of the valley, and other objectives to the west, but failed. Nonetheless, the expedition considers the area to have climbing potential, and the predominantly loose rock suggests a snowy season would be preferable.

Rodolphe Popier, France