Chochis Tower, First Ascent Via West Face, Furia del Viento

Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Author: Leonardo Juliano Mangano. Climb Year: 2011. Publication Year: 2014.

Federico Bueno Aloísio from Argentina, Jose Luiz Belmonte and Eduardo Ricardo Diaz from Bolivia, and I (originally from Brazil) made the first ascent of Chochis Tower in the Roboré–Santa Cruz de la Sierra region of Bolivia’s eastern lowlands. This monolith of red sandstone is situated at 18°08'18.82"S, 60°02'46.16"W. It is about 180m high, with sections of both good and bad rock. There are large sandstone walls in this area, but this appears to be the only prominent tower. According to locals, Chochis had been attempted previously by Peruvians, Argentinians, and Bolivians, all stopped by poor rock. We spent six days making the ascent, using natural gear and 10 bolts, and reached the top on August 11, 2011: Furia del Viento (210m, 5.10c).

Leonardo Juliano Mangano, Brazil

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