Puna region, various ascents

South America, Argentina, Northern Andies
Author: Marcelo Scanu, Argentina. Climb Year: 2012. Publication Year: 2013.

During the second half of January 2012, Argentineans Sandra Odriozola, Christián Chávez, Matías Barberis, Pablo Barberis, Federico Barberis, and I explored the high-mountain desert Puna, in the northern province of Catamarca. Some early ascents were made by the Incas, and by Walther Pench in 1912-1913, but many summits are still unclimbed. We ascended a number of peaks, including San Franscisco (6,016m), Cerro Camila (4,932m), Bertrand (5,188m) by a new route on the north face, Pabellón (5,331m), and others.