Mt. Logan, extended unsupported traverse

Canada, St. Elias Mountains
Author: From information supplied by Steven Gruhn . Climb Year: 2012. Publication Year: 2013.

Joshua Foreman, Graham Kraft, Luc Mehl, Josh Mumm, and John Sykesmade an unsupported traverse of Mt. Logan, traveling 370 miles from Yakutat, Alaska, to McCarthy, Alaska. They started out by crossing Disenchantment Bay in pack rafts, attempted Logan by the east ridge, got avalanched off, circled around to the other side of Logan (some 130 miles), climbed Logan to the 19,551’ summit from King’s Trench, then skied and pack-rafted out to McCarthy. Their trip totaled 30 days. More info and photos at

From information supplied by Steven Gruhn