Fall on Rock, No Hard Hat, West Virginia, New River Gorge National River

Publication Year: 2012.


West Virginia, New River Gorge National River

On June 5th, a male climber (22) was leading Layback and Enjoy It (5.10) located at the Bubba City climbing area. The following is a synopsis of the most likely scenario that occurred causing the fall of approximately 10–12 feet.

As he was approaching the 4th or 5th bolt he yelled, “Falling!” He came off the rock and inverted, striking his head approximately ten to 12 feet below, knocking him unconscious. His belayer lowered him to the ground and 911was initiated. Health Net Air Medical Services flew him to Charleston Area Medical Center.


The climber was not wearing a helmet at the time of the fall. (Source: Frank Sellers—District Ranger and Randy Fisher—Park Ranger New River Gorge National River)