Pulled Off a Loose Block — Fall on Rock, Washington, Mount Stuart

Publication Year: 2012.


Washington, Mount Stuart

I was climbing the West Ridge of Mount Stuart on September 7 when I pulled off a loose block and took a 60-foot fall. We were roped up,belaying the pitch. We had decent protection in, but it was a low 5th-class pitch and the gear spacing reflected that.

I’m still recovering from my injuries (concussion, four fractured ribs, collapsed lung, scapula, laceration on lower leg requiring surgery, etc.) but am at the point where I am able to write it all down.

We failed to bring a cell phone and did not have any other kind of device.

I hope some climber somewhere can learn from my incident and be just that much more safe.

I’m also a member of a local mountain rescue unit and a rescue tech on a heli-team. Overall, (this rescue) was a fantastically coordinated and successful rescue. (Source: Miles McDonough – 28)