Fall on Rock, No Hard Hat, North Carolina, Crowder's Mountain State Park, Opinionated

Publication Year: 2012.


North Carolina, Crowder’s Mountain State Park, Opinionated

On November 23, a male climber (23) fell while climbing Opinionated (5.9+) on the Red Wall at Crowder’s Mountain State Park. According to reports, the climber was attempting to clip the third of six bolts when he fell. Witnesses noted that the climber flipped backwards, fell approximately eight feet, and struck his face against the cliff face, fracturing his nose, then suffered a seizure and lost consciousness. The climber and his belayer were not wearing helmets. Analysis

This same spot has been the site of three previous falls, all with the same scenario – the inability of the climber to clip the third bolt. Climbers familiar with this route place a #2 C3 cam to protect the move after clipping the second bolt. (Source: Aram Attarian)