Fall on Rock, Miscommunication, Nevada, Red Rock Canyon NCA, The Gallery

Publication Year: 2012.


Nevada, Red Rock Canyon NCA, The Gallery

In late November, this incident arose from belayer error and miscommunication. The climber’s belayer was deaf, while the climber could hear. They had some form of sign language while climbing. When she fell, her belayer’s anchor was clipped and the rope was running through the belayer’s ATC. (This I know because I later watched people remove the gear.)

People quickly responded and called 911. A former EMT/Paramedic supported her head while others kept her comfortable and warm. She was conscious, able to wiggle her toes, and could sense pressure on her feet.

Some friends of mine ran to the road to guide the EMS team to the crag, most of whom were extremely out of shape and took a longer than usual time to arrive. They further helped stabilize her and put her on a body board. A helicopter was called in and 90 minutes after the fall, she was short hauled to the road and put in an ambulance.

Through friends and acquaintances in common in the Bay Area, I’ve heard that she suffered lower vertebrae fractures and a potential ankle injury. (Source: Edited from a post on mountainproject.com by “Owie”)