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Pre-existing Condition, Colorado, Boulder Canyon


Colorado, Boulder Canyon

On May 29, Bill Trull (age unknown) was climbing in a recently developed climbing area across from the Bihedral Rock. The climb was located on the south side of Boulder Creek. Trull did not fall but became injured during the climb due to a previous, unrelated injury. He was climbing on a top rope and was lowered to the base of the climb.

When the Boulder Fire ladder truck arrived it was determined the ladder would reach across the river at a narrow point. The ladder was extended across the river and Trull was loaded into the ladder bucket and brought back across the river.


Climbers with pre-existing medical conditions should be checked by a personal physician before climbing. Pre-existing conditions can compromise the outcome of a rock climb for both the climber and climbing party by creating unanticipated problems. (Source: www.bouldercounty.org)