Fall on Rock — Protection Pulled, Alberta, Kananaskis Country, Mount Indefatigable

Publication Year: 2010.


Alberta, Kananaskis Country, Mount Indefatigable

On July 1, KT and MH were climbing the rock route Joy (5.5, 10 pitches) on Mount Indefatigable. KT was leading and built an anchor and was ready to belay MH. KT tested the anchor, which pulled out, then KT cartwheeled off the ledge and the back-up point pulled free. KT fell pastMH, who held the fall. KT’s helmet came off during the fall and he hit a ledge on the way down. KT came to rest hanging upside down and bleeding heavily. MH was able to call out for help. Nearby hikers contacted the Kananaskis Country emergency dispatcher. Kananaskis Country Public Safety Specialists heli-slung KT off the route where he was transferred to an air ambulance. (Source: Kananaskis Country Public Safety Program)