Fall on Rock — Rappel Error, Utah, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Publication Year: 2009.


Utah, Big cottonwood Canyon

On May 5, a man (22) rappelling in Big Cottonwood Canyon survived a fall of more than 50 feet. He was rappelling with friends near Storm Mountain around 4:00 p.m. He suffered a broken leg and was flown to University Hospital in serious condition.


“He was using a two-rope system but didn’t attach the second rope,” said Salt Lake County Sheriffs Lt. Paul Jaroscak. “He got to the end of the first rope and went into a free-fall.” (Source: From a posting on moun- tainproject.com)

(Editor’s Note: We are still finding this kind of incident. The assumption here is that the man and his friend were part of a contingent that merely likes to go rappelling.)