Fall on Snow/Ice, Climbing Alone, California, Mount Shasta, Casaval Ridge

Publication Year: 2007.


California, Mount Shasta, Casaval Ridge

On April 28, an experienced young man (17) was climbing alone to train for a Denali climb this season. He fell while down-climbing in loose rocks on Casaval Ridge about 11,000 feet at 0345. He slid on snow/ice approximately 50 vertical feet on a 40-degree slope. A nearby party of three heard him yell and saw sparks when he hit rocks. They were WFR trained and responded, finding a two-inch laceration below his helmet and above his ear. There was no loss of consciousness and the victim remained alert and oriented. However, he was a bit flustered and a concussion was suspected, so the team assisted him descending to their high camp at 9,600 feet. After resting there, they continued to assist him to the trailhead and eventually to Mercy Medical Center.


A good reason not to climb alone. A side note: This was a great case of the type of climber camaraderie which should always exist. A trained group gave up their summit plans to assist another climber in need. (Source: Mount Shasta Wilderness Climbing Ranger Report prepared by Eric White, Climbing Ranger/Avalanche Specialist)

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