Fall on Rock—Handhold Broke Off, Kentucky and Tennesee, Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

Publication Year: 2005.


Kentucky and Tennesse, Big South Fork National River ft Recreation Area

Shelly Buchanan (49) of Norris, Tennesse, was bouldering on the Twin Arches formation on the afternoon of November 11th when a handhold broke off from a rock causing her to fall in a horizontal position six feet to the ground. The impact fractured her pelvis in four places and caused bruising to her ribs. The caretaker of a nearby backcountry hostel reported the accident via cell phone and remained with Buchanan throughout the incident. Ranger/EMTs Jimmy Barna and Randy Scoggins, ranger/parkmedic Kevin Moses, and four volunteers from the park rescue team stabilized Buchanan, which included the administration of IV fluids and pain medication, and evacuated her via wheeled litter. A LifeStar Bell 430 helicopter took advantage of a five-minute window amidst deteriorating visibility and weather conditions to land and fly Buchanan to University of Tennessee Medical Center, where she was admitted in stable condition. (Source: Chief Ranger’s Office)


We don’t get many reports from this area, so it is included to indicate that there are several climbing spots in this part of the south. This report was gleanded from the NPS Morning Report. (Source: Jed Williamson)