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Fall on Rock, Unroped, Climbing Alone, Quebec, Mont Saint Hilaire

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  • Publication Year: 2005


On September 6, a hiker made a macabre discovery at the foot of the northern slopes of Mont Saint Hilaire. A body rested among the rocks at the foot of a 250 metre high cliff near the “Cave of the Fairies.” A camera was located by the search and rescue team near Y.L.’s body.

It is surmised that Y.L. was alone and decided to climb the cliff in an attempt to take photographs. It appears that Y.L. (30) ascended in an area which was particularly difficult to climb without proper climbing gear, which he did not have. He lost his footing and fell approximately 50 metres to his death. A local resident thought that he heard a cry at approximately 1930 the night before on September 5, but he did not alert authorities due to the large number of hikers in this popular area. The victim was not immediately identified, as he was not carrying any identification.


Parties are often lured into situations where their ambitions exceed their skills and physical abilities. Your best protection is to know your own limits (and those of your partners) and to resist being tempted far beyond them. (Source: Roger LaFrance–L’Oeil Regional, Steve Castonguay)

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