Slip on Rock or Ice, Unroped, British Columbia, Yoho Naitonal Park, Mount Dennis, Carlsberg Column

Publication Year: 2005.


British Columbia, Yoho National Park, Mount Dennis, Carlsberg Column

On November 19, two climbers were approaching the base of Carlsberg Column (60 m. II WI5), a waterfall ice climb on Mount Dennis in Yoho National Park. B.R. (32) had started traversing on an exposed ledge that went over to the base of the ice climb. His partner J.D. was a short distance behind him adjusting his boots but had yet to start the traverse. Both climbers had put their helmets and crampons on before starting the traverse. J.D. heard a shout and looked up in time to see his partner slipping off the edge of the ledge and disappearing over a short cliff below. J.D. ran down slope to assist his partner, who had fallen over 35 metres. B.R. was seriously injured and unconscious. His partner stabilized him as best he could and went for help at the Yoho Park Information Centre close by in the town of Field. Park Wardens, Field Ambulance, Banff Ambulance and RCMP all attended the accident scene. B.R. was heli-slung out to an awaiting ambulance and later transferred to STARS air ambulance. He died of his injuries a short time later in hospital. (Source: Percy Woods, Yoho National Park Warden Service)