Fall on Rock, Climbing Alone and Unroped, Alberta, Kananaskis Country, Mount Lorette, South Ridge

Publication Year: 2004.


Alberta, Kananaskis Country, Mount Lorette, South Ridge

On February 17, A.S. (18) set out to make a solo climb of Mount Lorette’s South Ridge (5.6). His family became concerned when he did not return home later that evening as scheduled. His body was discovered about 120 meters from the summit near the southeast ridge of Mount Lorette the following morning. Measuring from where rescue specialists found marks on the slope and from the apparent trajectory, it appeared that he fell while doing the hand traverse about halfway up the climb and had fallen approximately 400 feet to his death. When found, he was wearing a helmet and harness, and was tied into the end of a climbing rope.


George Field, public safety specialist for Kananaskis Country, indicates that this is not usually a tough climb, but, “Soloing is definitely raising the danger factor,” he said. The area where A.S. was found is a popular place for climbers and there hasn’t been a fatality in the 19 years Field has worked in the area. “But in the winter with snow and the loose rock, you’re taking a chance,” Field said. (Source: Canada.com, Mike D’Amour, Calgary Sun)