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Fall on Ice, Inadequate Protection, British Columbia, Golden Canyon, Lady Killer


British Columbia, Golden Canyon, Lady Killer

On March 11, while leading the first pitch of Lady Killer (II W13), A.M. fell after placing three screws on the first half and then running it out to the top. He fell to the ground and sustained pelvic and spinal injuries. Volunteer SAR groups from Golden responded by ground and treated the patient. Since the injuries were severe and lowering the patient problematic, assistance was requested from the Warden Service of the National Parks nearby. The patient was evacuated to an ambulance below by Heli-sling by Warden Service rescue crews.


Even on easier angled ice, topping out on a pitch can have disastrous results if no protection is available. In this case, the climber pulled out both his tools and was severely injured. (Source: Parks Canada Warden Service, Marc Ledwidge)