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Fall on Ice, Climbing Alone and Unroped, Alberta, Roche a Perdix, Drambuie Deamon


Alberta, Roche a Perdix, Drambuie Deamon

On December 16,1.R. attempted to solo climb Drambuie Deamon, a 95-meter water ice Grade 3 or 4 route, depending on the chosen finish for the climb. He had been climbing for two years and had done the climb before. I.R. dropped his wife off in Hinton at 1200 and planned to pick her up by 1500. His wife called for assistance at 1745 when I.R had not returned. Jasper National Park Wardens responded that night. I.R. was found dead near the base of the climb with ice tools attached to his wrists and his rope coiled and on his pack. Analysis

It is difficult to conclude exactly what caused I.R. to fall, but ice quality was likely poor, as the week prior had been very cold with minimum temperatures of-30 degrees C. (Source: Lisa Paulson, Jasper National Park Warden Service)