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Fall on Rock, Inadequate Protection, No Hard Hat, Nevada, Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area, Lost Creek


Nevada, Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area, Lost Creek

On December 5, C. A. and a friend, both visiting from Austria, were climbing in the Lost Creek area of the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. At 1640 C. A. (19) began climbing in a corner to the right of Little Big Horn. C. A., who was not wearing a helmet, had climbed 30 feet up without placing any protection when he slipped and fell backwards to the ground, striking his head.

C. A.’s partner called for help, and hikers in the area contacted Las Vegas Metropolitan Police dispatch. LVMPD Officers and Volunteers responded and well as a Las Vegas Fire Department paramedic engine.

On their arrival, three firefighters with advanced life support equipment hiked 20 minutes to the victim and began care. LVMPD SAR officers and volunteers arrived shortly after. The victim’s location above a slope of dense scrub oak, manzanita and large boulders made a carry out or conventional helicopter evacuation impossible, so it was decided to short haul him to the trailhead.

C. A. was unresponsive and posturing and LVFD paramedics were unable to intubate him. C. A. was immobilized on a Miller board by SAR personnel, placed in a litter and carried 50 yards to an open area where he was short hauled with an LVMPD SAR Officer to the trailhead by Air 4, an MD530F. C. A. was transferred to the waiting Flight for Life helicopter crew who intubated C. A. en route to UMC Trauma Center. C. A. died several days later of isolated head injuries. (Source: James Roberts, Volunteer, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SAR)