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Fall on Rock, West Virginia, Seneca Rocks, West Face


West Virginia, Seneca Rocks, West Face

On August 20, Kel Young was leading “The Prune” at Seneca Rocks. He had placed protection above the small ledge which is just below the finish of the second pitch. After a couple of moves, he fell, toeing the ledge as he went by it. He was lowered to the ground with assistance from another party and evacuated by litter due to a fractured ankle.


The second pitch of “The Prune” is notorious for doing in ankles here at Seneca. The count is two for the season so far. The small ledge just below the “Old Man's Traverse” ledge is a comfortable stance from which to place protection. Unfortunately, the vertical nature of the climbing above this stance almost ensures that in the event of a fall one will “toe” the ledge as one goes by it. (Source: John Markwell)