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Stranded, Off Route, Late Start, New Hampshire, Cannon Cliff


New Hampshire, Cannon Cliff

On July 24, John (26) and Lisa Tedesco reached a spot close under the Old Man's chin on Cannon Cliff. They could not find the normal exit corner, the Wiessner finish, which is the final pitch of Lakeview. They had bought a cellular phone for their trip to Cannon. (Their usual climbing area was the Shawangunks where the routes are short.) The time was late, they were confused about how to get off the cliff, and there had been rain showers, so around 1900 they telephoned 911.

Two rescuers rappelled down to the couple. The four people then rappelled another 40 feet to a brushy ledge which they followed north to meet the descent trail. They reached the Profile Lake parking lot at 0200 on the 25th.


Lt. Eric Stohl of the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game (in charge of all rescues in the State) was quoted in the Conway Daily Sun as saying that people should not expect a cellular phone to replace proper equipment, common sense, and an understanding of one's own limits while ... climbing. A cellular phone can be a great help, as it was in two serious rock climbing injuries this past season, but it should not take the place of self-sufficiency. (Source: George Hurley)