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Fall on Rock, Placed No Protection, West Virginia, New River Gorge NRA, Kaymoor Cliff


West Virginia, New River Gorge NRA, Kaymoor Cliff

On June 19, 1994, a climber was “lead” climbing a 5.13s called “Bloodraid” at “The Hole” area of Kaymoor Cliffs. He had climbed over 20 feet and was just below a bolt when a handhold gave way. His climbing partner was belaying when he fell, but since the victim had not placed any protection, nothing was in place to arrest his fall.

Rangers arrived on the scene at 1630, just after the ambulance. The victim was stabilized and placed on a backboard, then carried a half mile to the ambulance. He sustained a fractured wrist and potential spine injury. (Source: K. Shilling, New River Gorge NRA)

(Editor’s Note: We do not know HOW the rope was incorrectly threaded, whether the victim was wearing a helmet, or if he was belayed. This area has become quite popular for climbing, and like many other easy access climbing sites, attracts a range of skill levels. There were two other reports from this area, both of which were leader falls, well belayed, but resulting in fractures.)