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Stranded, Greed, Exceeding Abilities, New Hampshire, Mount Meader

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  • Publication Year: 1995


New Hampshire, Mount Meader

In October 1994, two youths (c. 18) spied some climbing gear on rappel stations on a cliff of Mount Meader in the Carter Range. They had previously done a rock day at a summer camp and were excited about climbing. They were interested in accumulating some gear and knew that it was expensive. Here they saw their opportunity. Using some half-inch hardware store rope, one of the kids hand-over-handed down the line, retrieved a biner and a couple of slings, then went hand-over-hand back up the rope.

They then set up to hit the next rappel station. Down he went again, only this time the wall was slightly overhanging and he swung out into space. The youth jumped and landed on a four-foot by eight-foot ledge. His partner hiked back to their camp, then back up to the top of the cliff and threw down blankets and water. He then hiked two miles to a road and notified authorities. Fish and Game called us at 1800. Mike Belchat, Ray Cotniour and I hiked to the cliff with Lt. Jeff Gray. I rappelled down and put the kid in a harness and helmet. We then rigged an assisted 2–1 and hoisted the youth to the top, about 20 feet. We all hiked out and were at the cars around midnight. (Source: Paul Cormier)

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