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Rappel Anchor Came Out, Fall on Rock, Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Mount Moran


Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Mount Moran

RK (23) and JG (20) died of multiple injuries late Friday, September 17, or early Saturday, September 18, 1993, when they fell while climbing the South Buttress of Mount Moran. SG (20) survived the fall and was evacuated from the mountain about 2000 on September 18. The bodies of RK and JG were recovered on September 19. All three climbers were employees at Signal Mountain Lodge.

The accident occurred when the climbers were descending the Direct South Buttress route and a rappel anchor failed. RK and JG, who were both attached to the anchor, fell an estimated 200 to 300 feet. While inconclusive at this time, it is believed that SG was also tied to the anchor and suffered the same fall.

SG sustained fractured vertebrae, puncture wounds, a three-inch full-depth laceration to the scalp, concussion, and multiple bruises. (Source: Mark Magnuson, SAR Ranger, Grand Teton National Park, and the Jackson Hole News)

(Editors Note: The other fatality in Wyoming this year occurred to a 28 year old male soloing Nez Perce’s East Ridge in September. He died from the effects of shock and hyopthermia.)