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Loss of Control—Glissade, No Ice Axe, Inexperience, Oregon, Mount Hood


Oregon, Mount Hood

On June 9,1993, Gary Whalen told me that he and his companion were glissading down from the Hogsback when suddenly his friend went over a large cliff and tumbled down about 200 feet. In calling down to his friend he said that he was told that he thought he had broken his leg or ankle and it seemed to Whalen that Williams was having difficulty breathing. He said at this time he left his daughter at the top of the cliff and he skied down to the top of the Palmer Chairlift where he called for help.

Daniel Williams (32) told me that he was glissading down the Hogsback toward the White River Canyon. He told me that on two separate occasions he stood up and tried to move over from the cliffs. He said that he tried to stop his descent by placing his feet in the soft snow; however, he was unable to slow or stop himself before he went over the cliff. Williams told me that this is the first time that he has ever (attempted) climbed Mount Hood and when asked, he admitted to never having any mountaineering or climbing experience. (Source: C. Nolte, Portland Mountain Rescue)