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Fall on Rock, Inadequate Protection (Pulled Out), Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, Back of the Lake Crag


Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, Rack of the Lake Crag

C.T. and R.W. were climbing a 5.9 route at the Back of the Lake on September 27,1993, when C.T. fell while leading. His last piece of protection, a wire stopper with quickdraw, pulled out and he fell 15 meters, fracturing ribs and a shoulder. While awaiting help, his partner was able to lower him to a ledge. The victim was lowered to the ground, then evacuated by the Warden Service with a helicopter.


The victim was wearing a climbing helmet at the time he fell, and it may have saved him from head injuries, as the fall involved a pendulum onto the rock. One other factor to consider is that at practice areas, climbers seem pressured to climb faster and harder, inevitably with less attention to placements. (Source: Banff National Park Warden Service and Orvel Miskiw)