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Fall on Rock, Protection Pulled Out, Overconfident, Washington, Peshastin Pinnacles, Orchard Rock


Washington, Peshastin Pinnacles, Orchard Rock

On May 15, 1992, I was teaching an inexperienced climber the proper use of protection. I was on sandstone with few places for placing protection. I had climbed 25 feet, then put in two pieces, then told my belayer that I was falling. I then jumped off the rock face. A moment later, I heard a noise, looked behind me, and saw my protection had failed. I hit the ground, resulting in abrasions, lacerations, and a fractured leg. I was wearing a helmet, and I believe it saved my life.


My analysis of this accident is overconfidence. I have been climbing for over 20 years, taught as a paid instructor, put up many new routes, climbed many of the hard routes in the States. It is embarrassing to think that I could become so careless. (Source: Steve Baker—35)