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Avalanche, British Columbia, Coast Mountains, Hudson Bay Mountain


British Columbia, Coast Mountains, Hudson Bay Mountain

During a training exercise around 1700 on November 27, 1991, a six-man Search and Rescue team was struck by an avalanche. Three of them were carried about 35 meters and buried, while one of the others was slightly injured and the remaining two escaped. Of the three who were buried, one was not seriously injured, one was seriously injured, and the third was killed. They were dug out by the uninjured team .members while the third one who was not caught used a portable radio phone to call the Provincial Emergency Program office in Smithers. The PEP sent a rescue team, including snowmobiles and ambulances. The seriously injured victim was flown to hospital in Vancouver, and the other survivors were treated in Bulkley Valley District Hospital and released. (Source: Ian Kay, Vancouver)

(Editor’s Note: No further details of this tragedy were available. As a general comment, there is an understandable tendency toward establishing realistic conditions during training sessions. Leaders and instructors must keep in mind the obvious hazards of that approach.)