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Slip on Rock, Fatigue, British Columbia, Selkirk Mountains, Terminal Peak


British Columbia, Selkirk Mountains, Terminal Peak

On October 7, 1991, the last day of a seven-day mountaineering course, a group from the University of Calgary climbed Terminal Peak, and were descending over broken ground covered with scree and talus. One person simply “went over on the right ankle,” injuring it. He was carried downslope to their bivouac site by other party members. Four of them then hiked out to inform Park Wardens, while the remaining three stayed with the injured person.

At 0600 the next day, a helicopter was dispatched to the bivvy site. After a splint was applied to the victim’s foot, he was evacuated to Golden. He was found to have tom medial and lateral ligaments of the right ankle. (Source: Revelstoke/ Glacier National Park Warden Service)


Possibly the fatigue and inattention that often appear toward the end of a climbing trip—in this case a week-long exercise— figured here. (Source: Revelstoke/Glacier National Park Warden Service)