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Fall into Crevasse, Climbing Alone, Inadequate Equipment, Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Crowfoot Mountain


Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Crowfoot Mountain

On August 13, 1989, F.E. (58) was hiking up Crowfoot Mountain. At 1100, he was ascending the small, relatively snow-free glacier on the West Face of the mountain. He stepped onto a snow bridge and fell about ten meters into a crevasse. His fall was stopped by a small snow bridge, which prevented him from landing in the water pooled at the bottom. Although uninjured, he did not have crampons, ice ax, or any other tool with which to extricate himself.

F.E. was located by helicopter 55 hours later by a Parks Service rescue team after a long ground and aerial search. Shortly after he was found, a major snow storm came in which would have made any further searching impossible. (Source: Banff National Park Warden Service)


Traveling alone on any glacier, no matter how harmless in appearance, is a questionable practice. F.E. was an experienced mountain scrambler, whose practice of carrying lots of extra clothing and food undoubtedly saved his life. (Source: Banff National Park Warden Service)