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Fall on Rock, Improper Harness Tie-In, California, Joshua Tree National Monument

FALL ON ROCK, IMPROPER HARNESS TIE-IN California, Joshua Tree National Monument

On March 25, 1988, Paul Miller (24) fell eight meters while climbing Gap Rock on a route called ‘"Visual Nightmare” (5.10A). His rope came untied from his harness. Subject sustained a fractured right foot, occipital head wound and numerous abrasions and lacerations. Rangers Patterson, Pearson and Winslow immobilized Miller on a full backboard, administered high concentration oxygen, splinted right foot and controlled bleeding from the head. Joshua Tree Ambulance transported Miller to High Desert Medical Center. (Source: Tom Patterson, Ranger Joshua Tree National Monument)

(.Editor’s Note: Ropes come untied from harnesses when one’s fingers do not follow a correct sequence of tying an appropriate knot.)