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Fall on Rock, Shoulder Dislocation, Quebec, Val David, Mont Condor


Quebec, Val David, Mont Condor

At 1330 on September 12, 1987, a novice climber was beginning the ascent of a chimney of l’ Aiguille on Mont Condor. He was taking part in a rock-climbing school, was wearing a helmet, and was top-roped. About five meters off the ground, he fell. He did not pendulum, and was well secured by his belayer. Nevertheless, he dislocated his left shoulder.

His belayer lowered him immediately under tension, being careful not to let him knock against the wall. His companions helped him lie down on the ground, and at his request made an unsuccessful attempt to relocate his shoulder. He was then taken to hospital, where his shoulder was relocated, and he was instructed to remain inactive for several weeks. (Source: Yves Begin, Federation Quebeçoise de la Montagne)


On falling, the climber bridged his arms across the chimney, putting considerable force on his arms and shoulders. It is noteworthy that this person had dislocated the same shoulder twice before since the beginning of the summer. (Source: Yves Begin, Federation Quebeç

oise de la Montagne)