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Fall on Rock, Unroped, Weather, No Hard Hat, Ontario, Rattlesnake Point


Ontario, Rattlesnake Point

At 1850 on April 14,1987, an experienced climber (34) was attempting to untie a top rope where it was anchored at the top of the escarpment on Rattlesnake Point (Climb #9). Apparently the anchor was difficult to remove. It was drizzling, and the ground where he was standing was wet.

He slipped, and fell about 12 meters to the bottom of the climb. The fall resulted in two broken arms and massive head injuries.

His climbing partner ran to the gatehouse to report the accident, while two other climbers tried to help the victim. One of them attempted artificial respiration, but the injuries made it difficult. When the ambulance attendant examined him a few minutes later, he was found to have no vital signs. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. (Source: Const. Ellsworth, Halton Regional Police, and Lahav Wolach, ACC, Toronto Section)


The accident could have been avoided if the climber had tied himself into an anchor while removing the belay system. A helmet might have helped. (Source: Lahav Wolach, ACC, Toronto Section)