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Falling Rock, Washington, Mount Rainier


Washington, Mount Rainier

At noon on July 21, 1985, Ranger Phillips was notified by Ranger Rick Kirschner that an injured climber was stranded near 2875 meters on Success Cleaver, with a possible fractured left ankle.

At 0530 the Brian Goodrich (27) party departed their campsite at 2850 meters on Success Cleaver. At 0600 while ascending the Cleaver near 2875 meters a large boulder that Goodrich was climbing over broke away. Goodrich reported that a large amount of rock debris was released and that he tumbled three meters down a very steep scree slope, coming to a stop six meters from a large cliff. Goodrich stated that his pack protected him from further injury due to the rockfall, but that he did suffer a disabling ankle injury.

At 0730 members of a second party attempting Success Cleaver descended the route and notified Indian Henry Ranger Swaim of the accident.

At 1600, Rangers Phillips and Litch were transported via helicopter to the 2850 meter level of Success Cleaver. Goodrich was found to be resting comfortably with the injured left ankle splinted. Goodrich was carried to the helicopter by Phillips and Litch, and then flown to Kautz Creek Helispot and was transported by vehicle to the Longmire First Aid Room. (Source: Bundy Phillips, Ranger, Mount Rainier National Park)