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Avalanche, Weather, Washington, Mount Si


Washington, Mount Si

On February 15, 1985, Brad Kingry (22) and Peter Vander Molen (27) were climbing near the top of the Haystack on Mt. Si. About 1400 Vander Molen was in the lead when a small avalanche swept him off and out of sight. Kingry felt the line tighten and called out, but there was no answer, he downclimbed, following the rope, and found Vander Molen with severe head injuries and bleeding. After calling for help and receiving no reply, Kingry descended to a residence and called the police. A rescue effort got underway, but Vander Molen had succumed from his injuries. (Source: Bergtrage, Seattle Mountain Rescue Council, 85-03, March, 1985)


Forecasters for the Weather Service and U.S. Forest Service indicated that avalanche conditions were high as a result of a storm of heavy (wet) snow. (Source: The Seattle Times, February 11, 1985)