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Falling Rock — Washington, Mount Stuart


Washington, Mount Stuart

On August 12, 1984, Allen Kearny (26) was descending Ulrich’s Couloir with three friends when one of them dislodged a large, loose rock which fell on Kearney, causing him to fall 18-20 meters. He and his friends were able to make it down the couloir to Ingalls Peak Trail, where they spent the night. In the morning, Kearney was unable to walk because of the injury to his right leg. He was evacuated by helicopter to the Elum airport, and ambulanced to the Elum Hospital. (Source: George Williams, MRA Mission Report #84-410)


We do not know the distances between the climbers in the couloir. We know that these were experienced climbers, and that this type of accident was common this year. (Source: J. Williamson)