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Fall on Rock — Oregon, Mount Jefferson


Oregon, Mount Jefferson

On August 3, 1984, Keith Repetto (28) and William Evans (age unknown) fell over 150 meters to their deaths while descending the north ridge of Mount Jefferson. They were last heard from at 1700 on that date when Repetto radioed his wife to say the men were beginning their descent. They were both employees of the U. S. Forest Service. The Marion County Sheriffs Department said the men were well equipped and had smoke jumping and wilderness experience. (Source: Seattle Times, August 6, 1984)

(Editor’s Note: This was the only climbing accident from Oregon that came to our attention. While lacking in specific details, it suggests that the victims may not have been prepared for this route. There was a significant skiing accident on Mount Hood in July—on Friday the 13th—when a man (31) tumbled head over heels 125 meters down a series of steep, short cliffs after one of his skis had come off on a turn. He suffered broken ribs, numerous cuts, and hypothermia.)