Falling Rock — California, Tahquitz Rock

Publication Year: 1985.


California, Tahquitz Rock

In May of 1984, Kimberly Eittreim (23) was killed when a rock weighing in excess of 240 kilograms, which was accidentally dislodged by the lead climber on Sahara Terror, fell a distance of ten meters and landed on her right shoulder and arm, pulling it from its socket and amputating her right hand. It was obvious that she had bled to death in seconds. (Source: RMRU Newsletter, Volume XX, Issue V, May 1984)


For some reason there had been a large amount of rock fall in this area all day, according to climbers who were on the rock or in Humber Park. The small ledge on which the victim was standing when struck—less than a meter in width—offered little protection from rockfall. In addition, the victim proably had no time to react when the large rock was dislodged. (Source: RMRU Newsletter, Volume XX, Issue V, May 1984)

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